Letter from the President

Jade Williams '18, Cap and Gown President

Jade Williams '18, Cap and Gown President

Dear Cap Alumni, 

My name is Jade Williams and I will be serving as the undergraduate president of Cap for this next year. I am extremely grateful to hold the position and want to thank my fellow members for their support. After transitioning immediately into my duties and responsibilities, I’ve come to learn what a demanding job it is. Thankfully, I have had the continued assistance of the senior officers in helping our corps transition, as well as the guidance of our Club Steward, Dennis Normile and the Graduate Board in taking care of Cap’s day to day activities. 

This past February, 258 bickerees registered to bicker Cap, a huge increase from 174 the previous year. The bicker process, including games and interviews, went smoothly thanks to the facilitation of our senior bicker chair Chad Nuckols ’17. Even with the increase in the number of bickerees, senior treasurer Chris Piller ‘17 helped redesign the Cap bicker website to ensure fair discussions. 

Cap welcomed 91 new sophomores from the class of 2019 and added 5 new juniors to the class of 2018. After the club finalized its decisions, the senior officers “picked up” all the new bickerees at the 1879 Arch and brought them to their new club to join current members. The 2016-2017 officer corps did a fantastic job conducting bicker, discussions, and “pickups,” setting a great example for the new officers to follow.

Our first event as the new officer corps was the Valentine’s Day Semi-Formal, and it was the first formal event attended by the new membership. Social chair Annie Hadley ‘18 did an amazing job decorating the club with valentines for members to give to each other. Dennis Normile, Chef Greg, and the rest of the staff provided a phenomenal selection of “Welcome to the Street” themed finger foods that the membership enjoyed. The semi-formal was a success with great feedback from old and new members so we hope for even more special events in the future.

In addition to fun nights where we are open to the street, Cap has plenty of social events available to the membership during the week. Annie is compiling a spring social calendar as we prepare for our bigger events such as House Parties in May. Meanwhile, we continue to have our weekly events such as Movie Night or Fire Fridays where members are encouraged to stay and hang out in the club. Our goal is to make new members feel immediately a part of the Cap family through a combination of Cap daily life and unique member nights. 

Cap continues to remain innovative and an active part of campus culture as shown by our sustainability chairs and their efforts to reduce waste while researching additional sustainable practices. Adopting new initiatives in the club also align with the university’s great attention to environmentally friendly practices. Outside of the club, Cap is preparing for Truckfest with the help of our community service chairs Vilma Jiminez ’18 and Anyssa Chebbi ’18. It’s a great way for Cap to get involved with other clubs and students while also serving the community. 

With everything going on, Cap is gearing up to finish out a great spring semester as we bid farewell to our senior Class of 2017. However, we know that you never really leave Princeton and are looking forward to the huge numbers of alumni we’ll see during Reunions. We love seeing you around the club regardless of what time of year it is, so if you’re in the area and sorely missing the Illustrious, pop in and stay a while. 

Thanks and looking forward to a wonderful year together!