Cap President Jade Williams '18 Meets Cap Alum Norman Carter '38 at his 80th Reunion


80 years separates the years Norman Carter '38 and Cap President Jade Williams '18 graduated from Princeton, but they came together to meet and talk because Cap and Gown keeps our members connected over decades of Princeton and Cap history. 

Norm Carter read the article we wrote about him and his room-mate and club-mate Bill Coors '38 in the Cap Spring Newsletter.  He also read about our Cap President Jade Williams who was recently profiled in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.  So when Norm was returning to Princeton for his 80th Reunion, he asked, Lisa Schmucki '74, the editor of the newsletter, if he could meet her.  Lisa and Jade met up with Norm and his family at the Old Guard Luncheon.

Here are Jade's recollections of this historic meeting:

"As I prepared myself for my first P-rade as a graduating senior, I was especially excited for one early activity of the day which was the great opportunity to meet Norm Carter ’38, one of the oldest alumni on campus and in Cap! After emailing back and forth with his son Thomas Carter
’66, also a Cap alum, I was able to meet Norm in Forbes, accompanied by Lisa Schmucki.

After Tom made all of the introductions, I was amazed to see Norm’s eyes light up in recognition since Tom had told me he had wanted to meet me since reading about me in the Cap newsletter. In addition to asking me questions about Cap and Gown today, as well as my studies and post-graduation plans, I was able to hear a little more from him and his own experience at Princeton. He told me he has attended almost every Princeton Reunions, and during his 70th Reunion, Tom and Norm told a hilarious story where a student offered Bill Coors, Norm’s former roommate, a Bud Light which Bill immediately sent back.

Norm has not been able to see the inside of the club with the new additions but he has been able to come back to Cap a few times and he says the club looks great from the outside! I told him the newest addition, the Cox Wing, will look even better once completed and hopefully we can get him to the club to see it! I am extremely honored to have met him and I hope that I get to see him next year for my first Reunions! I am extremely thankful to Tom and Lisa for their introduction and it was great to see Norm surrounded by so many family and friends."